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The Landing Page

Though a website will consist of many different pages, all approaching a different aspect of the product, nothing is more important than the actual landing page. A good landing page will capture the attention of viewers and lead them naturally to an effective call to action. Once there, these individuals will be compelled to make a purchase, or at the very least to look around the website for more information. When an individual lands on your page, there is a brief time period to make a good first impression. You have about 10 seconds to capture their attention and if the page is not properly designed they will simply click off and go elsewhere. With that in mind, your landing page must be designed in a way that will really capture the attention of viewers. From there, you can capture the customer.

Providing Information

Design may be the most crucial aspect of any landing page, but actually providing information is another important consideration. An effective landing page will be organized in a way that you subtly continue to enforce the idea of your product while providing testimonies throughout the page on how effective it is. Each bit of information should leave the prospective customer interested in learning more. This type of intrigue will keep them engaged and lead them to the call to action with a sense of anticipation.
Furthermore, your website should allow them to access further information about the product by going elsewhere. Naturally, you want this additional information to be in the background, because the first place you want them to go is to proceed with your call to action.

Call to Action

The call to action is ultimately what makes or breaks an effective landing page. A slight difference in the wording can mean the difference between a potential customer clicking to buy your product or clicking away from the website.
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With a world that is becoming more and more concerned with its physical well-being and overall health, it can be difficult for a new nutraceutical company to really make a name for itself. Building a website is one of the natural first steps in getting your company out there today, but without the proper nutraceutical design strategy behind it you will often find that your efforts don’t successfully reach the target audience. This is where Brand Me Well comes into play.

Having over 10 years of operating experience specifically within the nutraceutical industry, Brand Me Well has been helping companies like yours to get noticed in the most effective way possible. With a dedicated team of professionals who know how to convey a message that will resonate with your audience, we can build a website that will be truly eye-catching. If you want the best chance of success with your product, then you need the best design strategy.

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